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Which applications can be created on Webex Teams developer portal?
A. Adapters and AppTies
B. Java and Python programs
C. Pages and Snapins
D. Integrations and Bots
Correct Answer: D

Which portal for Smart Account License consumption is valid?
A. CCW order
B. Customer Smart Account
C. Product Access Key (PAK)
D. Holding Account
Correct Answer: B

Which statement about Cisco Software Support (SWSS) basic is valid?
A. SWSS is not an option with the Flex Plan.
B. SWSS is a separate add-on that must be purchased.
C. SWSS is only for data center customers.
D. SWSS is included in the Flex Plan subscription.
Correct Answer: D

Which benefit does Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) provide for partners?
A. quote and transact orders for both traditional resale and subscription and annuity orders
B. quote and order resale product only
C. order only resale and subscription or annuity offers
D. ordering tool for Distributors only
Correct Answer: A

Which Webex service allows a customer to connect directly to a Webex Datacenter?
A. Webex Edge Connect
B. An Apple iPad
C. Room Kit Plus Connector
D. Cisco Meeting Server
Correct Answer: A

Which Webex Edge service uses +E.164 numbers?
A. Webex Edge does not support +E.164 numbers
B. Webex Edge Audio
C. Webex Edge Video Mesh
D. Webex Edge Management
Correct Answer: B

Which action for Cisco Proximity is valid?
A. Pair to a nearby Cisco room device and wirelessly share content to the meeting
B. Determine which attendee would be the most effective presenter based on latency
C. Pair to the room lightning system through infrared
D. Locate the attendees based on network IP address
Correct Answer: A

Which applications can be bundled with the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan?
A. Meetings, Calling, Contact Center with Teams
B. Meetings with Teams
C. Video conferencing only
D. Calling with Teams
Correct Answer: A

What tools help Partners determine the best Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan for customers?
A. Salesforce and Sales Connect
B. App Hub and Integrations Playbook
C. the Flip 2 Flex Discovery Tool and Flip2Flex Portal
D. SWSS Help Desk and Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW)
Correct Answer: C

Which statement best describes Webex Edge Audio?
A. Webex Edge Audio uses the existing Cisco UCM and Expressway products to pass the audio traffic over the Internet
to the Webex meeting.
B. Webex Edge Audio only works with ISDN lines.
C. Webex Edge Audio requires Webex Edge Video Mesh to function correctly.
D. Webex Audio is limited to 10 participants.
Correct Answer: A

Who defines the Webex Teams retention policy?
A. Each user defines their own retention policy
B. Each customer defines its own retention policy
C. Local governments define retention policy
D. Cisco defines the retention policy
Correct Answer: B

Can the Webex Administrator restrict external communications including sending messages?
A. Yes, the Webex Administrator can set policy restricting users from sending messages to external organizations.
B. No, the Webex Administrator is unable to restrict any communications.
C. Yes, only if everyone agrees.
D. No, this configuration is not yet available and needs to be developed.
Correct Answer: A

Which statement about Development on the Webex platform is valid?
A. only available for customer organizations
B. pay per use
C. Webex does not support developers
D. free for everyone
Correct Answer: B

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