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Latest effective CompTIA Other Certification 220-1002 Exam Practice Tests

A computer becomes infected with malware, which manages to steal all credentials stored on the PC. The malware then
uses elevated credentials to infect all other PCs at the site. Management asks the IT staff to take action to prevent this
from reoccurring. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this goal?
A. Use an antivirus product capable of performing heuristic analysis
B. Use a host-based intrusion detection system on each computer
C. Disallow the password caching of accounts in the administrator’s group
D. Install a UTM in between PC endpoints to monitor for suspicious traffic
E. Log all failed login attempts to the PCs and report them to a central server
Correct Answer: A


A technician is installing a private PC in a public workspace. Which of the following password practices should the
technician implement on the PC to secure network access?
A. Remove the guest account from the administrator’s group
B. Disable single sign-on
C. Issue a default strong password for all users
D. Require authentication on wake-up
Correct Answer: D


A technician is installing Windows 7 64-bit OS on a VM but keeps getting errors. The specifications for the malware are:
Two 1GHz CPUs
2GB of memory
15GB hard drive
800×600 screen resolution
Which of the following should the technician do to resolve the problem?
A. Increase the number of CPUs
B. Increase the amount of memory
C. Increase the amount of hard drive space
D. Increase the screen resolution
Correct Answer: C


In which of the following file extension types would a user expect to see the command. “net use T:\\server\files\\’?
A. .bat
B. .vbs
C. .js
D. .py
Correct Answer: A


A user\\’s phone contains customer\\’s PII. The user cannot have the phone automatically wiped because the data is
very valuable. Which of the following is the BEST method of securing the phone?
A. Fingerprint lock
B. Passcode lock
C. Swipe lock
D. PIN lock
Correct Answer: A


A security team is auditing a company\\’s network logs and notices that a USB drive was previously inserted into several
of the servers. Many login attempts were then successfully performed using common login information. Which of the following actions should be taken to close the vulnerability? (Select two.)
A. Disable guest account
B. Remove admin permissions
C. Modify AutoRun settings
D. Change default credentials
E. Run OS security updates
F. Install a software firewall
Correct Answer: AC


A network administrator notifies a technician that the company is experiencing a DDoS attack. Several internal Windows
PCs are the source of the traffic. The network administrator gives the technician the Windows computer names and
states they be scanned and cleaned immediately.
With which of the following types of infections are the PCs MOST likely infected? (Select two.)
A. Spyware
B. Zombies
C. Virus
D. Ransomware
E. Worm
F. Botnet
Correct Answer: BE


Which of the following installation types would require the use of an answer file to install the OS?
A. Unattended
B. Clean
C. Repair
D. Upgrade
Correct Answer: A


A manager requests remote access to a server after hours and on weekends to check data. The manager insists on
using the server. Before granting the access, which of the following is the MOST important step a technician can take to
protect against possible infection?
A. Create a policy to remove Internet access from the server during off hours
B. Set the local antivirus software on the server to update and scan daily
C. Ensure the server is patched with the latest security updates
D. Educate the manager on safe Internet browsing practices
Correct Answer: C


A user calls the help desk regarding a new Windows issues that started in the morning. The user can no longer use any
locally attached devices, such as a mouse or a printer, and a reboot did not fix the problem. Which of the following
would MOST likely fix the issue?
A. Roll back updates
B. Disable the Windows Update service
C. Check for updates
D. Restore hidden updates
Correct Answer: A


A department in an organization set up a proxy server to manage its Internet stage. A technician is configuring the
Windows workstations to use the new proxy server. Which of the following Control Panel utilities should the technician
use to configure the setting?
A. Internet Options ?Advanced
B. Internet Options ?Connections
C. Internet Options ?Security
D. Internet Options ?Content
E. Internet Options ?Privacy
Correct Answer: B


A user contacts a technician to troubleshoot server errors. The user explains that some files will not open on the server,
the data backups are operational, and the weather has been bad. The technician notices missing time slots in the event
Which of the following should the technician replace to prevent these issues in the future?
A. System memory
B. Surge protector
C. Hard drives
D. Battery backup
Correct Answer: D


A user\\’s smartphone is making the camera shutter noise even when the user is not taking pictures. When the user
opens the photo album, there are no new pictures. Which of the following steps should be taken FIRST to determine the
cause of the issue?
A. Uninstall the camera application
B. Check the application permissions
C. Reset the phone to factory settings
D. Update all of the applications on the phone
E. Run any pending OS updates
Correct Answer: B

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