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A Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows environment is installed to allow for high availability, by assigning a virtual IP address to the cluster to which each node is then bound to. Which local node parameter is used to specify this virtual IP address?
A. node.check
C. outgoing.address
D. Alternate Comminfo

Correct Answer: C
A SNIFFER trace shows the following entries:

A NETSTAT display was performed. What is the correct connection state that a user should expect?
D. The administrator would NOT expect to see a connection show up.

Correct Answer: D
Which component is invoked to stop Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX?
A. Security Exit
B. User Manager
C. Session Manager
D. Process Manager

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 4
In Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows, which parameter is required when configuring a remote node using Advanced Program to Program Communication (APPC)?
A. Partner LU Name
B. Alternate Comminfo
C. Host Name/IP Address
D. UDT communication path name

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 5
In Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX, in which path is the file ndmproc located?
A. ndm/lib/
B. ndm/bin/
C. ndm/cfg/cliapi/
D. ndm/cfg/cd_node/

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 6
In Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX, an administrator is setting up multiple nodes in a load balancing environment on a cluster file system (not an NFS). The administrator needs to specify a shared area where the multiple nodes can place return code files and copy checkpoint information, so that the various nodes are aware of activity. What parameter is used to specify this?
A. ndm.path
C. quiesce.resume

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 7
One of the benefits of using Sterling Connect:Direct is that it:
A. focuses on message switching.
B. utilizes proprietary data formatting.
C. provides 24 x 365 unattended operation.
D. offers manual restart through the use of email.

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 8
When configuring a node in Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows, which field is found on the General properties tab in the CD Admin Tool?
A. API IP Address
B. Local LU Name
C. Max PNode Sessions
D. Enable TCP/IP Support Correct Answer: C
Which of the following is supported by Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS V1 FMH flows?
A. XDR Keywords
B. Mapped DSECTS
C. ZLIB Compression
D. Cyclic redundancy check (CRC)

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 10
A Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX administrator needs to submit a process directly into the Execution queue in order to bypass the Wait queue. Which command will accomplish this task?
A. submit
B. submit hold=no
C. submit retain=no
D. submit maxdelay=0

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 11
A Sterling Connect:Direct for z/OS administrator navigated to the Secure+ Admin Tool: Main Screen? shown here:

Which Connect:Direct Secure+ remote node supports the STS encryption protocol?

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 12
An administrator installed Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX in the directory /opt/connect and defined the local node name as CDUNIX01. The administrator wants to start Connect:Direct for UNIX Command Line Interface (CLI) client to submit a process. Which environment variable must the administrator set to get access to this client?
A. PATH=/opt/connect/ndm/bin/direct
B. PATH=/opt/connect/ndm/bin/ndmcli
C. NDMAPICFG=/opt/connect/ndm/cfg/cliapi/ndmapi.cfg
D. NDMAPICFG=/opt/connect/ndm/cfg/CDUNIX01/initparm.cfg

Correct Answer: C
An administrator installed Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows node on a new server. The administrator also defined new Functional Authorities for another user. When the user logs onto the server and opens Connect:Direct Requester for the first time, the node is not displayed. The Nodes view is empty. What should the user do in order to attach to the new node?
A. Add the new node to the netmap.
B. Contact the administrator and ask to verify access.
C. Logon to the server with the administrator’s account.
D. Select Node>Connection Settings>Insert Node and enter the local node information.

Correct Answer: D
A user is building a process to send a compressed ZIP archive file to a remote node. What compression setting is most efficient and provides the best performance for this type of file?
A. COMPRESS Extended
C. COMPRESS Extended=(CMPrlevel=9,WINdowsize=15,MEMlevel=9)
D. No compression.

Correct Answer: D
A Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows and UNIX user wants to get a list of processes that completed successfully. The command begins with: select statistics ccode=(=,0) recids=… ; Which Record Id filters will complete this command?

Correct Answer: B
A Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows and UNIX user is troubleshooting a problem for either changing, deleting, selecting or terminating a process. Which diagnostic trace option should be used?
A. cmgr
B. pmgr
C. smgr
D. comm
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 17
Which utility can be used via command line to export and import users and netmap settings in Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows?
A. Client Connection Utility
B. Logon Configuration Utility (LCU)
C. Connect:Direct Configuration Utility
D. Connect:Direct Command Line Interface (CLI)

Correct Answer: C
An administrator wants to stop Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX but Connect:Direct needs to run all executing processes to completion before shutting down. Which command should be submitted?
A. stop;
B. stop step;
C. stop force;
D. stop immediate;

Correct Answer: A
A Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows administrator needs to verify that the latest fixes have been applied. Which option will show the release and maintenance level of the Windows node?
A. SPAdmin
B. Admin Tool
C. Message Lookup
D. Configuration Utility

Correct Answer: B
A Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows and UNIX user wants to determine the outcome of process numbers 10 to 15. What command can retrieve this information?
A. select statistics pnumber=(10-15);
B. select statistics pnumber=(10..15);
C. select statistics pnumber=10,11,12,13,14,15;
D. select statistics pnumber=(10,11,12,13,14,15);

Correct Answer: D
A user wants to setup a file transfer to another location. The file is very large and so the decision was made to enable checkpointing. What performance impact, if any, will the checkpoint interval have on a COPY step?
A. Setting the checkpoint initialization parameter to 10240K always provides the best performance.
B. A larger checkpoint interval is more effective, because it adds less overhead to the protocol exchange between the nodes.
C. A smaller checkpoint interval is more effective, because less memory is used to cache data sent since the last checkpoint.
D. The checkpoint interval has no effect on the performance of a COPY step.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 22
In Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX, the statistics log files are archive nightly to the same directory where the TCQ file is stored. If there is a need to change the location of the archived files, which script should be modified?

Correct Answer: C
A Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX administrator needs to apply the latest maintenance to fix a known issue. The maintenance package and installation instructions have been downloaded from the IBM Support Portal. It is very important to review which document before continuing?
A. User’s Guide
B. Release Notes
C. Administration Guide
D. Getting Started Guide

Correct Answer: B
A Sterling Connect:Direct for UNIX administrator needs to configure Connect:Direct to authenticate remote users. Company policy dictates that these remote users must use snodeid to pass a user id and password. What type of record needs to be inserted into the User Authorization File?
A. Submitter id
B. Local user record
C. User proxy record
D. Remote node record

Correct Answer: B

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