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What are the components of Laser cartridges? (Select three.)
A. Imaging drum
B. Laser diode
C. Pick-up roller
D. Charging roller
E. Cleaning blade
F. Fuser

Correct Answer: ADE
Which laser-supplies product offers the highest number of printable pages?
A. EU cartridge packs
B. E cartridge packs
C. A cartridge packs
D. XD cartridge packs

Correct Answer: D
Approximately what percent of the HP printers imaging system is contained in the HP laserJet All-in-One print cartridge?
A. 70%
B. 50%
C. 90%
D. 30%

Correct Answer: A
Why should you look after a loyal customer?
A. They tend to be more faithful to one reseller.
B. They spend the most money.
C. They tend to be more demanding.
D. They are willing to sacrifice quality for an attractive price.
Correct Answer: A
What is the name of the HP print cartridge return and recycle program?
A. HP Environmental Care Pack
B. HP Go Recycle
C. HP Earth Care
D. HP Planet Partner
Correct Answer: D
In which type of hardware is the majority of the current total supplies sell-out used?
A. Devices that are older than the current line-up
B. The most current retail HP inkjet devices from this year’s line-up
C. The most current workgroup printers from this year’s line-up
D. The most current MFPs from this year’s line-up

Correct Answer: A
What is ColorLok?
A. A technology and an open paper standard
B. An office printer standard
C. A chemical process that protects colors and takes place in the fuser
D. An HP-owned technology that delivers outstanding photo quality

Correct Answer: A
According to the 2013 Spencer Lab laser study, approximately what percent of non-HP toner cartridges had problems?
A. 30%
B. 50%
C. 70%
D. 90%

Correct Answer: B
Where is the security label on a laser cartridge?
A. Only on the bottom
B. Always on the tear strip
C. Randomly placed on the packaging
D. Only on the top
Correct Answer: B
What is an advantage of the HP Supplies Big Deal Program?
A. It provides exclusive access to HP Dual Packs.
B. It provides access to original HP Supplies at a discount.
C. It provides access to the HP Supplies Big Deal Program Calculator.
D. It provides special use of the Planet Partner Program.
Correct Answer: B
Which technology does HP use with most of its inkjet printers?
A. HP Bulbjet technology
B. HP Thermal Inkjet technology
C. HP Liquid crystal technology
D. HP Piezo Inkjet technology

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 12
Which statement is true about the printer’s warranty and the use of non-HP cartridges?
A. If the non-HP cartridge is found to be the direct cause of the printer’s failure, HP will not cover the repair cost.
B. The use of either non-HP or HP cartridges has no impact on the printer’s reliability or warranty.
C. The use of a non-HP cartridge immediately voids the printer’s warranty.
D. The printer’s warranty remain unchanged if the printer is covered by an HP Carepack.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 13
What is a customer benefit of high capacity ink cartridges?
A. Proven HP quality and lowest price per cartridge
B. Trouble-free printing and reduced running costs
C. The ability to utilize the low-fill cartridge that always ships with the printer
D. The ability to Upgrade older printers to a higher print quality

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 14
What is meant by a “Clone Cartridge”?
A. A non-HP cartridge that comes in a packing intended to mislead the customer to believe it is an HP original
B. A one-to-one copy of an HP cartridge that comes in HP packaging
C. A newly manufactured cartridge that is not manufactured by HP or with any HP parts or ink/toner, but still designed to work in an HP printer
D. High quality remanufactured cartridge that comes with HP Original toner or ink

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 15
For selected laser models, why does HP offer different cartridges with different yields for the same printer?
A. Some countries have minimum amounts of pages to be printed from one cartridge, so different yields allow selling in countries all over the world.
B. Different purchasing powers across the globe require cartridge pricings and yields to be more flexible.
C. Statistical variation during production results in different filling levels for the toner, so HP classifies cartridges later according to the expected yield
D. Customer needs and printing behaviours are different, so different yields meet these specific needs and behaviours.

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 16
What represents illegal competition in the after-market?
A. Retail
B. Third-party products
C. Counterfeit

D. Refill Correct Answer: C QUESTION 17
Which list appropriately demonstrates the order in which the laser printing process occurs?
A. Charging, expose, deploy, transfer, fusing, pickup
B. Charging, expose, development, transfer, fusing, cleaning
C. Charging, development, transfer, exposure, fusing, discharging
D. Expose, charging, transfer, development, cleanup, fusing

Correct Answer: B
Which driver of HP’s innovation ultimately benefits the customer?
A. HP Care packs
B. The HP commitment to the lowest customer price
C. A culture of engineering innovation
D. The Reseller Partner Program

Correct Answer: A
How can you increase the sales of supplies?
A. By increasing usage via understanding your customer needs
B. By ending the printer life early
C. By joining the Planet Partner Program
D. By reducing the price of the management tool

Correct Answer: A
How do HP toner cartridges help provide customers with reliable printing systems?
A. Wear and tear parts are frequently exchanged when customers replace the HP toner cartridge.
B. The HP warranty covers all makes of toner cartridges.
C. HP “X” version LaserJet cartridges produce faster printing speeds.
D. The use of HP milled/ground color toner produces high quality images.
Correct Answer: D
What is a counterfeit print cartridge?
A. A refilled HP cartridge produced by HP in China
B. A refilled cartridge that comes in fake HP packaging to mislead customers to think it is genuine
C. Any HP cartridge that misleads customers because it is not sold according to the HP list price
D. A remanufactured cartridge that comes from an unauthorized distributor
Correct Answer: B
Which statement is true about loyal HP customers?
A. They value price overall other factors when making a purchase
B. They commonly seek out various suppliers for the best deal
C. They are not concerned about product reliability.
D. They purchase products from the HP brand and one reseller only.

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