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In the exhibit, what is item number 3?
A. USB port
B. FireWire 400 port
C. FireWire 800 port
D. 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet port

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 107
A customer’s iBook will not charge when the A.C. adapter, but the issue persists. What part is the most likely to have failed?
A. Logic board
B. DC-in switch
C. Reed switch
D. Inverter board

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 108
A customer asks about RAM speed requirements to upgrade his iBook G4(Early 2004). What Apple resource should you refer this customer to?
A. Downloads
B. User’s Manual
C. Specifications
D. Service Manual

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 109
You require additional information about a specific problem with a customer’s iBook G4. Which of the following would be the choice Apple recommends for you to research the problem and possibly locate a solution or workaround for the problem?
A. Downloads
B. Discussions
C. User’s Manual
D. Knowledge Base

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 110
Which section of the PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.33GHz) Service Manual is the BEST place to look for instructions for replacing a DC-in board?
A. Views
B. Basics
C. Take Apart
D. Troubleshooting

Correct Answer: C QUESTION 111
According to apple service manuals, what steps should you take before performing any take-apart steps when replacing a part in any Apple product?
A. Lay the product on its side so it will not fall over.
B. Update the product’s firmware to the latest version.
C. Discharge the CRT and establish an ongoing ground.
D. Gather all necessary tools and perform all preliminary steps.
E. Order all available service parts for the appropriate configuration of the product.

Correct Answer: D
Where is the BEST place to look for information about any special hardware repair tool required for disassembly of an Apple product?
A. Discussions
B. Service Name
C. User’s Manual
D. Service Manual

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following would be the most appropriate question to ask FIRST, when gathering information from customers about a problem with their Apple product?
A. What is the issue?
B. What operating system are you using?
C. Did you turn off the computer improperly?
D. Is this the first time you have had this problem?

Correct Answer: A
To isolate a video problem to hardware or software on a PowerBook G4 (17-inch), which of the following steps should you try FIRST?
A. Connect an external VGA display.
B. Reinstall the appropriate Mac OS.
C. Verify the hard disk with Disk First Aid.
D. Start up from a known-good startup disc.

Correct Answer: D
An iBook (900MHz 32 VRAM) powers on with a normal startup chime. But the LCD display seems dark. Upon closer examination with a flashlight you notice that the LCD is displaying a faint image of the finder desktop. Which one of the following modules is MOST likely at fault?
A. LCD display panel
B. Inverter board
C. DC in board
D. Logic board

Correct Answer: B
A PowerBook G4 (17-inch) has a malfunctioning logic board. You replace the logic board. Which of the following diagnostic utilities should you run to verify that the new logic board is functioning properly?
A. Mac Test Pro
B. Disk First Aid
C. Tech Tool Deluxe
D. Apple Service Diagnostic

Correct Answer: D
Verifying that a computer functions properly after you repair it ensures that ______
A. No new issues have arisen.
B. Third-party software is working.
C. The original issue has been resolved.
D. The computer falls under service warranty.
E. System Preferences settings are set correctly.

Correct Answer: AC
Which of the following is the best way to eject a disc when normal methods for ejecting it, such as using the Mac OS Desktop or the keyboard, have not succeeded?
A. Boot into Open Firmware and type ‘reset-nvram’.
B. Restart the computer while holding down the track pad button.
C. Remove and disassemble the optical drive to remove the disk.
D. Remove the computer’s front bezel and manually pry the disc out of the drive.

Correct Answer: B
Which one of the following troubleshooting steps is NOT appropriate when troubleshooting an iBook or PowerBook with on video on its built-in display?
A. Hold a bright light against the screen.
B. Check if brightness settings are all the way down.
C. Connect an external display to the iBook or PowerBook.
D. Check the network setting on the iBook or PowerBook.
E. Check the internal video cables & connectors for damage.

Correct Answer: D
A customer’s PowerBook G4 (15-inch FW 800) fails to power on with a known-good power adapter connected and plugged in. Which of the following steps should be tried FIRST?
A. Replace the logic board.
B. Replace the DC-in Board.
C. Run Apple Service diagnostic.
D. Perform a keyboard PMU reset.

Correct Answer: D

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